Sunday, March 8, 2015

Some Cloudy Day

The big reveal....

These leg warmers were my favorite knit project during the holiday season.  I knit them for a University of Nevada, Reno grad student.  She wanted Anthropologie legwarmers which were sold out.  How did I know that?  I saw that she pinned them on Pinterest!  So I whipped these out for her on Addi Turbo 12" circs as a last minute Christmas gift.

And, she loves them!

Legwarmers are back!

The pattern for the legwarmers is Some Cloudy Day 
by Tiny Owl Knits and it's a free pattern!

I knit mine in Rowan's Felted Tweed DK in color 165 Scree.  The color looks blue sometimes and in other light, appears more gray.  Hmm, kind of just like a cloudy day.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Hearts Day!

Yarn Love 

How cute is this...
a huge heart shaped candy box full of yarn
for Valentine's Day!

Such a clever idea!

Spotted at: 

Monarch Knitting 
529 Central Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA  93950

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Bloomsbury Gauntlets

2015 Knitting Resolution:

To finish up my unfinished projects like these beautiful Bloomsbury Gauntlets that I nearly finished way back in January 2010!

Even the designer herself, Kristin Nicholas, commented on my project in Ravelry back in January 2011.  Kristen commented:   

"Love these - keep going. Wait til you see how fun the embroidery is! 
And thanks for using my yarn!"

Kristin Nicholas

If that wasn't encouragement enough to get them finished.  I believe the reason these have been tucked away in a project bin for so long is that we just don't have really cold winter weather here in Northern California where I live.  

This month though as part of my knitting resolution,  I am going to dig the gloves out of hibernation and finish them.  Then I am going to ask my husband to take me to Lake Tahoe so I can wear my pretty Moksha wool scarf and my Bloomsbury Gauntlets that I made to go with it.  The weather should be cold enough up there!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's Christmastime!

Fair Isle Gift Tags

My hand knit Christmas gifts are being adorned this year with these adorable Fair Isle Christmas cards. 

 Inside Message:

With warm and cozy thoughts of you.
Happy Holidays

I think these red mitten cards (and their message) are perfect for giving Starbucks gift cards, too!

Inside Message:

It's Christmastime
celebrate in style!

The boxed holiday cards (with glitter) are by Carlton Cards.  The cards are small so I'm going to add a hole-punch, thread through some red yarn and turn them into gift tags.  

I found them at Target!  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wee Folk Hats

 Sibling Hats

If you're 5 years old and have a new little baby brother...
I think you should have matching winter hats.  And Woolly Wormhead's Quynn hat is the perfect hat pattern for siblings and wee folk.  Quynn is by the talented hat designer who calls herself Woolly Wormhead.   Woolly is British, so I love that she says her baby and childrens hats are for wee folk.  

Lately I've been knitting a lot for wee folk.  I really should be knitting Christmas gifts but I just can't help myself and have been knitting hats for little ones instead.  I love knitting hats for babies and children.  Off the needles this week are these adorable pixie-style winter hats for one of my husband's employee's wee folk.     

Baby Quynn

Woolly Wormhead's adorable Quynn hat is designed in Noro's Kureyon yarn.  I agree, Kureyon's color palette and striping is a winner for this hat pattern.  I chose my Kureyon yarn in boyish colors of variegated browns and greys,  color #149.

For the new baby (born just a month ago) I knit the 16" newborn/3 month size.  I am a tight knitter so I cast on with size #9's and knit the hat in size #7's as the pattern recommends.  

Big Brother Quynn

For the big brother hat, I knit the child size 20" diameter hat.  To properly finish the hats,  I soaked them in Soak liquid wash to soften up their Kureyon wool.  It does the trick nicely.  Then I pinned and blocked the hats on my knitting blocks.  Lastly I fully air dried them on a sweater rack. 

This was my first Woolly Wormhead hat project and I loved knitting this pattern.  I not only love the design but love that you can knit this hat in so many different sizes for siblings.  I've always loved matching wee folk hats...
because growing up, my little sister and I always had them!  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cakes & Purls

 Masse's Pastries

Cakes and Purls...what a cute name for a yarn store!

A few months back, I checked out a few newer yarn stores in Berkeley, California that I had never been to before.  And, yes, there is a yarn store in Berkeley called Cakes and Purls.  

 Claddagh Yarns

My first stop was  Claddagh Yarns.  This cute little shop is nestled in a North Berkeley neighborhood known as Gourmet Ghetto.  If you're curious about why this area is called Gourmet Ghetto...well, it's home to nearby Chez Panisse along with other fabulous food stores, the original Peets Coffee, bakeries and restaurants.  

Claddagh Yarns is owned by Amanda Fernandez and she opened the shop back in September 2013.  The shop is small  but carries great yarn stock from Debbie Bliss, Noro, Malabrigo and Imperial Yarn Ranch to name a few.   There were some lovely knitted samples on display that really caught my eye.  This little shop is worth seeking out.

Whenever I find myself in Gourmet Ghetto, a must stop is Masse's Pastries.  They have the most delicious pastries, cakes and French macarons!  The owner Marcia Masse is so personable.  We have chatted about Paris, Paris by Mouth and red currants on more than one occasion.

Cakes and Purls

 My last stop of the day was Cakes and Purls.  I love this concept of a yarn cafe where you can "sit and knit" and have your cake,too!

Cakes and Purls is owned by Maria Sitaro.  She holds a degree in Pastry Arts and combined her love of fiber by opening Cakes and Purls.  The shop is roomy and there are plenty of tables and chairs to meet your knitting friends here and enjoy a little cake and purls.  

Ashley Flower Headband

While visiting Cakes and Purls I was drawn to a yummy cashmere yarn and pattern by Pepperberry Knits. I purchased a yummy skein of their cashmere yarn in color Posies and knit Pepperberry's adorable Ashley Flower Headband for a gift.  It's always fun to discover new yarns and new yarn stores.  And yes, for the record, I left Cakes and Purls with a couple of cupcakes, too!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Alice's Embrace

My first lap blanket

I am currently knitting my first project for Alice's Embrace.

My dear knitting friend, Diane Lewis has created Alice's Embrace in honor of her mother, Alice Figueira and her battle with Alzheimer's Disease.  

 Diane and Danielle

I met Diane years ago while taking classes at my favorite local yarn store, Knitique, A Yarn Boutique in Elk Grove, CA.  Diane is such a lovely lady and is always thinking of others.  It was around the knitting  table at Knitique that Diane shared her mother's struggle with Alzheimer's Disease to me and her Knitique friends. 

Throughout her mother's journey with Alzheimer's Disease, Diane learned first hand how comforting a lap blanket or prayer shawl can be in helping ease anxiety in those suffering from this disease.  Knowing Diane (the way I do) she would knit every person suffering from Alzheimer's a lap blanket or prayer shawl if she could!  Since that is an impossible feat she followed her heart and created Alice's Embrace.  Now fellow knitters and crocheters can join Diane and donate hand-made lap blankets and prayer shawls that will bring comfort to many who are suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Diane has partnered Alice's Embrace with the Eskaton Foundation of Northern California to provide their memory care residents with the donated lap blankets and prayer shawls.  You can visit the Alice's Embrace How to Help page for information and details on how you can help create and donate your items.  

 Ted's Lap Blanket

As for the patterns for Alice's Embrace...
they are wonderful and come in an array of skill levels.  It's no wonder they are so fabulous since Diane enlisted the help of Danielle Bowen, the owner of Knitique to help create the patterns.  

Danielle is the knitting teacher who has helped me become the knitter I am today.  I am not a bit surprised that Danielle wanted to help Diane with Alice's Embrace.  She is always so supportive of great causes. She was instrumental in helping me with my own Louisa Harding Macmillan Cancer Support fund raising event that she hosted for me at Knitique back in 2012.   I could have never raised so much money for Macmillan Cancer Support without the Knitique venue, her personal support and her generous customers.  I am honored and proud to call both women my friend.

Alice Figueira

 Please visit the Alice's Embrace website to read more about Diane and Alice. 

You can also view the Alice's Embrace patterns and completed projects on the Alice's Embrace pattern page on Ravelry. 

I am dedicating my first project for Alice's Embrace in memory of my own beloved grandmother, who recently  passed away, just two months ago.  Like Alice, she also had Alzheimer's Disease.

(Photo Credit of Alice Figueira, Alice's Embrace.)